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Press release - October 2019

Workshop November 2019 in Dubai (UAE), painting in acrylic.

The International featured artist Cornelia Steckhan cordially invites you to a painting workshop in Dubai.

From California to Dubai, the prominent artist teaches children of prominent worldwide. Healthy young and old from 2 years to 80, sick old people, sick children also autistic.


A new journey will take the artist to Dubai again. Once more she'll teach how to paint. She follows not strong rules, lets the fantasy of the audience free develop and explain what their pictures express and says.

The artist Cornelia Steckhan -Corky Art- is a German painter. She has many years of experience to teach. It gave her pleasure to see, with what enthusiasm even handicapped children were at work.
She was also a jury member at a painting competition for children.

Cornelia shows her own work in numerous exhibitions in USA, Mexico, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

For years she received awards and prizes. One of her biggest success was winning The Conceptual Global Art Award at Armani Hotel Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Cornelia Steckhan - Corky Art - All rights reserved.


BIANCOSCURO ART Contest Award Monte Carlo 09/2018


ART TOUR International Award New York 2018

award-winning artists sharing their peac

Master of Contemporary Art Florence Italy 2017

Winner Global Art Award Conceptual Art in Dubai on November 17, 2017

2017-Global Art Award-Ceremony winner

2017-Global Art Award-Ceremony winner

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Leonardo Da Vinci International Price Florence Italy on January 20, 2018

Master of Modern Art New York April 27, 2018


Thank you

I am very proud to receive the Global ART Award - Conceptual ART at Burj Khalifa - Armani Hotel and it is my honor to present my art to you.

Master of Contemporary Art Florence on May 27, 2016

Master of Contemporary Art Florence on May 27, 2016

Featured Int. Artist February 2014 San Diego California

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